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Introducing Presente en La Lucha De Mamá

PELDEM is a Texas A&M Organization dedicated to supporting Latino/Hispanic families in the Bryan-College Station community. The purpose of this organization is to provide assistance to families with mothers experiencing breast cancer and/or other terminal illnesses. The goal is to make sure these families have food, a clean home, and child care, all things that Hispanic mothers traditionally take care of. Families deserve as much support as possible while going through a traumatic experience such as this one.

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The organization will focus on four major components:

  1. Fundraising

    • Many Latinos, because of immigration status, are excluded from insurance options and government assistance to pay for medical expenses. Our mission is to reduce the stress associated with money during an already stressful time. ​​

  2. Food

    • Nadien hace comida como mamá. However, we would still love to make sure families have meals to eat, even when mom is unable to make any. Once a week we will drop off groceries/meals for the family

  3. Cleaning

    • Los sabados son de limpieza. If you grew up in a Hispanic household, you know how important a clean home is to Mom. Twice a month, we will make sure the family is still living in the clean conditions they deserve.​​

  4. Child Care & Mentorship

    • Children watching their mother experience cancer are by far more susceptible to depression and will carry this for the rest of their lives. Helping with tutoring and occasional babysitting, we will make sure they are still on track in school and that they are not alone. ​​​

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